Peak Youth Organisations

In addition to youth advocacy agencies, the NCYLC works with a number of peak youth organisations at national, and State/Territory levels.

Such peak organisations seek to represent the interests of young people across a broad spectrum of issues such as juvenile justice, health, education, housing, employment, and political rights. The NCYLC consults with these organisations when undertaking research and campaign work, and also provides support to these agencies in terms of legal advice, resources, policy information and lobbying support.

For example, the Centre worked closely with the former national peak, the Australian Youth Policy and Action Coalition, until it was defunded by the Federal Government in 1998/1999. The Centre provided ongoing support to AYPAC and its campaigns/policy objectives. Such support included fierce lobbying by the Centre in opposition to the closure of this vital independent youth peak agency.

The NCYLC is committed to strengthening its relationships with these peak agencies, drawing on their knowledge of youth issues and supporting them through lobbying and resourcing.


Youth Coalition of the ACT
Phone: 02 6247 3540

Youth Action and Policy Coalition (NSW)
Phone: 02 9281 2344

Northern Territory Youth Advocates Network
Phone: 08 8982 2651

Youth Affairs Network of Queensland
Phone: 07 3844 7713

Youth Affairs Council of South Australia
Phone: 08 8226 3080

Youth Network of Tasmania
Phone: 03 6236 9093

Youth Affairs Council of Victoria
Phone: 03 9612 8999

Youth Affairs Council of Western Australia
Phone: 08 9388 0640