Children's Commissions

Since its inception, the National Children's and Youth Law Centre has advocated and lobbied for Children's Commissioners at both a national, and State/Territory level. While Australia is yet to see a national Commission for Children and Young People, Commissions of this kind now exist in a number of States and Territories.

Although these Commissions vary in function and style, most are concerned with providing a link between government decision-making and young people. They seek to provide a forum through which young people can inform and participate in policy development concerning them. Other functions performed by such Commissions include reviewing government policy and legislation to ensure it reflects the needs of young people, undertake programs for young people, and assist government when seeking to consult with this section of the community.

The NCYLC works closely with these Commissions across Australia, and governmental agencies of their kind. It has engaged in consultations with the agencies, represented the interests of children and young people to them, and monitored their development.

The Centre is overwhelmingly supportive of government initiatives aimed at incorporating the interests and voices of Australia's young people in decision-making at policy and legislative levels.


Commission For Children & Young People (Queensland)
Phone: 07 3247 5525 or Freecall 1800 688 275

NSW Commission for Children & Young People
Phone: 02 9286 7276

Tasmanian Commissioner for Children
Phone: 03 6233 4520