New Information Sections

Lawstuff has continued to grow and expand in the past years, with the following information sections being added:


New Lawstuff Website


This section contains legal information for children and young people concerning their rights and responsibilities. It includes a range of topics categorised according to diffferent States.


Child Rights NGO Report

NGO Report Logo

This section covers information about the Convention on the Rights of the Child (CROC). It includes general outlines of the Convention, children's rights and interests as well as the recent NGO Reporting process commenced by the Child Rights Taskforce, convened by National Childrens' and Youth Law Centre and UNICEF Australia.


On the Job

Office of the Employment Advocate logo

This section contains information about employment related legal issues which affect young people. With the assistance of generous financial support from the Office of the Employment Advocate, the NCYLC developed an employment law section of the Lawstuff website, called On the Job.

On the Job aims to provide young people in Australia with practical advice on many of the issues that confront young people when they enter the workforce. Issues such as Employment Contracts, Australian Workplace Agreements, Awards, Issues relating to pay, unfair dismissal laws, laws relating to part time and casual work, Superannuation, and leave entitlements are common issues of concern to young people commencing their working life.


The primary purpose of this project was to address the very real and identified "information deficit" that young people labour under when it comes to awareness of their employment rights and responsibilities at law, which often leads to a failure to participate fully in the workforce and a failure to protect one's interests. The vulnerability of young people in the workplace is specifically recognised in the Workplace Relations Act 1996. The On the Job section of Lawstuff emphasises the important things that every young person should know as they commence their working life. On the Job was launched in the second half of 2000.


Hit the Road

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This section covers legal issues in each State and Territory concerning owning and driving a motor vehicle. This project involved a successful collaboration between the National Children's and Youth Law Centre and NRMA, to provide comprehensive information via the Lawstuff website to young drivers around Australia, concerning their legal responsibilities and rights in relation to the purchase and use of motor vehicles.


NCYLC statistics show that driving and traffic issues are a major area of interest among young people with legal problems. The Hit the Road section on the Lawstuff website contains information concerning licences, buying a car, insurance, accidents, and driving offences, for each State and Territory. The section is particularly crucial in improving access to this legal information in regional, rural and remote areas of Australia, where there are difficulties in accessing specific legal information of this kind.

In addition, as part of this project, the Lawstuff website underwent a major upgrade to improve its accessibility in October 2010. New features incorporated into the website include our Courtstuff animation and categorised topics for easier navigation.

Hit the Road was launched in October 1999. Our thanks to NRMA for their generous support for this project.