LawMail is an interactive Internet legal advice and information service aimed at young people across Australia, and is hosted on the NCYLC website The LawMail facility was added to Lawstuff in October 1998.

Since then LawMail has consistently achieved its objectives; to provide:


Up to July 2001, over 2000 young Australians from all States and Territories had received legal advice and assistance through LawMail. Since October 1998, usage of LawMail has continued to grow, with an average of 65 - 80 inquiries per month nationwide. This is without any direct promotion.

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Significantly, usage of LawMail is statistically and proportionately higher in jurisdictions where large numbers of people are located in regional and remote areas. The LawMail facility is a valuable and innovative method of service-delivery where there is limited access to advocacy, support services and information for young people.

It is anticipated that demand for LawMail will increase as the service becomes more widely known among young people.


In early 2000, the NCYLC commissioned an evaluation of the LawMail service, with financial support from the then Law Foundation of NSW (now NSW Law & Justice Foundation). An external consultant was brought in to compile information to evaluate:

The evaluation concluded LawMail was successful in achieving its goals. Results of the survey indicated an overwhelmingly positive opinion of the service by young people, with 94% of those surveyed indicating an intention to use the facility again. The figures also indicated that the most frequent users of the service are 16- and 17-year-olds.

The evaluation also made recommendations, mainly concerning developing more content and obtaining further financial/resource support.