2014 Children’s Law Awards nominations now open

The National Children’s and Youth Law Centre (NCYLC) and King & Wood Mallesons are pleased to announce the 2014 Children’s Law Awards open and are calling for nominations. The Awards recognise the achievements and commitment of those individuals and organisations that advance the legal rights and interests of children and young people across Australia. The Awards aim to effect real and lasting change for children, and to ensure that children, one of the most vulnerable groups in our society, receive the best possible start to life.

Overview of the Awards

The Children’s Law Awards present a unique opportunity to highlight the important legal issues confronting children and young people, and serve as a means to focus the Australian community on the need to continually promote and advocate for children’s legal rights. The Awards demonstrate that the tireless efforts of those who work to represent, advocate for, and raise awareness of children’s legal rights is worthy of public recognition and support.

The Children’s Law Awards were last presented by the NCYLC in 2012 at King & Wood Mallesons’ office in Melbourne. The Awards have been held biennially since 2010, reflecting the importance of these issues in contemporary Australia. The following link provides more information about the 2012 Awards ceremony and category winners.

The Awards will this year be presented at King & Wood Mallesons’ Sydney office in September 2014

2014 Award Categories

Nominations for the 2014 Children’s Law Awards are sought in the following Award categories:

Timeline for the 2014 Awards

The Key Dates for the 2014 Awards are set out below:

Launch of the Awards - Announcement that Awards are open for nominations by stakeholders Monday 28 April 2014
Nominations close Friday 13 June 2014
Awards dinner and ceremony Friday 5 September 2014


For a 2014 Children’s Law Awards nomination form, please click through on the link below:

Nomination Form

Page Last Updated: 22nd April 2014